Hi! Our names are Yanet and Carlos.

We can’t begin to imagine how confusing and difficult this time is for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your precious baby. We hope that you feel supported and loved in this journey. You have touched our hearts with your strength and courage.

If you decide to make an adoption plan, we want to assure that we promise to respect you and share with your child this adoption story. We promise to cherish and love your child with our hearts and souls and to provide a safe, supportive, happy, funny, educational and playful home. We want to give every opportunity possible.

Know that we are praying for you and your sweet baby. Our daily prayers will always include you. Once you look up at the sky at night and you see a star, may you know that it is a prayer for you wherever you are!!

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Fun Vacations and Learning Activities:

  • Disney Trips

  • Museums

  • Beach

Our Favorite Adventures:

  • Fishing

  • Horseback riding

  • Going to the Park

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

In Closing

God is love! Our family has a foundation on the beautiful love of God

We wish to thank you for the opportunity and kindness given to our  beautiful story. It is a blessing to share how grateful we are for you. This is a dream come true for us, our family and friends. We pray that you find the strength and the guidance to choose the best loving, caring and special family for your child. May your heart be filled with peace. May you see the stars in the sky at night and know that we are all together in heart, spirit and love.

Thank you,
Yanet and Carlos