Everyone impacted by adoption deserves guidance and support after placement.

Birth Parents

Every woman who gives birth experiences significant emotional and physical changes. Placing a child for adoption doesn’t make the postpartum symptoms any easier. Many Birth Mothers underestimate the time they will need to heal and recover physically and emotionally, and quickly jump right back into their pre-pregnancy roles and responsibilities. Others get stuck in overwhelming grief and experience difficulty moving forward. Your individual experience is unique, which is why you need to know support is available to you on your terms, when you are ready. Examples of the Post Placement Support we offer at no cost to you:


Adoptions happen when adults make choices they think are best for Children. Everything we do is focused on the well-being of the children at the center of each adoption. At Adoption Authority we:

  • Put Kids First.
  • Believe every child deserves to have their needs met consistently with loving kindness.
  • Acknowledge the unique needs of children who were adopted.
  • Value the experiences of Adult Adoptees.
  • Promise to help children thrive.

Adoptive Parents

Parenting an adoptive child is not the same as parenting a biological child. The pre-adoption education you completed provided you with a great foundation of what to expect, but you deserve support throughout your unique parenting journey. No amount of education can prepare you for the emotions you feel as you experience the intersection of grief, joy, loss, and love and how that impacts you, your child, and your child’s birth family. After Placement the following services are available: