Hello! We are Sam and Tim!

We are grateful for the chance for you to get to know us. We cannot begin to understand what you’re going through and we want you to know how incredibly selfless and brave you are to do what you feel is best for your precious baby. Our strong faith leads us to believe that God will be with you in every decision you make.

Our Life Together:

Our love story began when we were 14 years old at a high school football game. Tim asked Sam for a hug and the rest is history. We were immediately drawn to each other like magnets and have been together ever since.

Tim joined the Navy out of high school while Sam went to college to be an x-ray technologist. Spending three years apart has made us cherish every moment we have together. We live each day as if it were our last and enjoy life to the fullest. We make each other laugh until our stomachs hurt. Life together is an adventure, and we always come up with new ways to make fun memories.


Sam and Tim

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Things We Like to Do:

  • We go to the OUTER BANKS IN NORTH CAROLINA every summer and look forward to bringing our child along to play at the beach.

  • SAM LOVES TO SING AND PLAY THE PIANO and cannot wait to sing to and hopefully someday teach piano to our child.


  • We cannot wait to TAKE OUR LITTLE ONE SLED RIDING and have fun playing outside when we visit our families in snowy Pennsylvania.

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

In Closing

We hope that you feel this has given you insight into who we are and the environment your child would grow up in with us. We feel confident that we can offer a loving, faith-filled home with plenty of laughter.

If chosen, we will do everything in our power to be the best parents we can be and make sure he or she has everything they need to grow, flourish, and succeed in life. We want you to know it would be an honor to raise your child and respect whatever amount of openness you are comfortable with.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will make sure they know they have so many people that love them. We promise to honor the beautiful gift of life you have given by making unforgettable memories.

Sam and Tim