Hello! Nice to “meet” you!

We are Noelle & Michael. We are a joyful, empathetic, fun loving family. Thank you for taking a peek into our lives. We are excited to open our hearts and home to you as you consider all of your options.

This is your journey. Honoring your desires is our priority and as much as we long to add a child/children to our home through adoption, we also look forward to adding a mama to our forever family. We would love the opportunity to have an open relationship with a birth family that is built on love, honesty, respect and empathy – the same values we try to build with our children.

Our hope is that you would have peace in your heart whatever you decide.

Our Story

We met in Los Angeles while Michael was working for an organization that provided clean water wells to people in developing countries. Noelle volunteered to help with the non-profit and the rest was history! We got married and moved to Florida together in 2012. We have two children, Cash (5) and Lily (3) who have the sweetest sibling relationship and are both very excited to add to our family. For Cash, he is excited because he wants to “play with them” and for Lily she is looking forward to “holding them gentle.” For us as parents, adoption has always been on our collective heart. We look forward to a day when we can add to our family through adoption.

We spend a lot of quality time together playing at home, in our neighborhood and at the pool or beach. We are a multi-ethnic family with Cuban & Japanese heritage and we are proud of our diversity! Our family roots are important to us and we will continue to value that deeply as we add to our family.

Learn More About Us

Fun Facts, etc.

5 Topics We Talk About A Lot In Our Home:

– Feelings & empathy
– Being kind
– Forgiveness
– Inclusion, skin tone & race
– God’s indiscriminate love for us and other people

Our 5 Favorite Things to Do Together:

– Enjoying favorite foods together
– Beach days (especially when we stay to watch the sunset)
– Dance parties in the kitchen
– Family Hide & Seek at home (Cash knows the best hiding spots!)
– Snuggles!

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

Before you go…

Thank you for getting to know us a little bit. We hope we get a chance to get to know you as well. We know there is a lot to consider, but before you go we want you to know the expectant mother who chooses us will be: forever honored, beloved, respected and spoken highly of in our home. The child who joins our family will be forever loved, valued, cherished and snuggled!

We already believe you and this child are worthy and precious. This is your journey and we hope you find peace in whatever you decide. It would be our complete honor to walk alongside you.

Noelle + Michael