Hi, We’re Matt & Abby

We first wanted to thank you for taking the time to even consider us- we’re grateful just for the chance to sit knee-to-knee with you these next few minutes. That you’re considering your options speaks volumes to how much you already love your child, and during a time where you probably feel alone, please know that we’re standing with you, whether you choose to place or parent.

We can’t pretend for a moment that we understand what you’re facing, but we do understand that life doesn’t always work out how we’d originally planned. Loss and longing were initially what brought us to adoption, and now we can’t imagine our lives any other way- we’re so very excited about growing our family again through adoption! Our heart has always been to provide a home for our children that allows them to fully know how cherished, valued, and wanted they are, and that they are fiercely loved by their Heavenly Father.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! Please know that we are praying for you- for peace, comfort, protection, and discernment as you face the days ahead. We’re rooting for you, no matter what.

Warm hugs,
Matt, Abby & Felix

About Us

We’re college sweethearts, married in 2011, and we love doing life together as a family! We spend lots of time playing outside in our yard and garden, and we love traveling, spending time with our families, volunteering at our church, and going on long walks together as a family. Our lives are characterized by overwhelming gratitude- we are incredibly thankful to be a family, and feel so lucky to have found each other.

Being parents has been the greatest joy and SUCH an adventure! We’re in a constant state of learning and growing (and laughing over the toddler silliness)! Becoming adoptive parents taught us to see outside of our own wants and needs, and the importance of empathy, kindness, and patience. It’s taught us to keep our hands open for whatever God has planned!

Fun Facts

Five topics that would *definitely* come up in conversation with us:
– We’re self employed and love how flexible our jobs are!
– We’re avid travelers, and have been to France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and more!
– We waited for several years to become parents- our son was born in 2019, and we are so grateful to have an incredible relationship with his birth mama
– Felix is nuts about anything Pixar-related (Cars & Toy Story, to be exact)
– We’ve been to Disney twice this year so far

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

In Closing

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us! We hope that after seeing and reading our story you’ve caught a glimpse of the love we have for each other and our village of family & friends! Above all, we hope you feel PEACE in the midst of difficulty. Below are just a few parting thoughts before you go. If you choose adoption and you choose us, here is what we promise as parents:

• To raise him or her as part of the body of Christ, to feel secure in their identity
as a cherished, precious child of God
• To bring our children up in a home where they will always feel heard,
respected, and safe
• That our child will always know where their story started, and to honor you as part of our family’s story
• To teach them how to seek adventure, to show them more of the world than just what’s in front of them
• To maintain a heart for potential openness in our adoption

Lastly, we wanted to leave you with a verse that has been an encouragement to us. Psalm 119:105- “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.” We know firsthand what it’s like to feel lost, overwhelmed, and wondering what to do next, and our prayer is that in this next step, whatever that is for you, that you experience peace and comfort stepping forward.

With joy,
Matt & Abby