Hi! We are a family of five, Clement and Lauren, with three daughters, Lillian (6), Camille (2) and Olivia (1).

We are honored that you are taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your beautiful child. Our family has been looking to adopt and planning for it for years. We appreciate the courage it takes to plan for adoption. We have felt the calling to adopt and can’t wait to share our love and family with your child. We hope by looking through our book you will see the devotion we have for family and know how ready we are to share that with your child. THANK YOU for considering being a part of our family!

Our Story:

A young lady from Michigan, living in Chicago, went to visit one of her best friends in Colorado for a weekend vacation to get out of the city. A young man from Michigan, living in Los Angeles, went to visit one of his best friends in Colorado for military leave after a recent deployment. We have been married now for ten years and enjoy sharing the details of that story just as much today as we have since the beginning.

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Our Home

Our home is our sanctuary. We make memories, laugh, and grow together. We love to adventure in our backyard while we look for lizards, do gardening, play on the swings, and eat s’mores around the campfire. We are looking forward to the day when we can share this space and make memories with another treasured member in our family.

We have two loyal and loving dogs, Noodle and Tootsie. Noodle, a Boston Terrier, has been with us since we married 10 years ago. Tootsie, a Goldendoodle, has been with us for four years. They bring joy to our lives and also teach our children about responsibility since they help take care of them.

Meet Our Kiddos

Our oldest daughter, Lillian (6), is a beautiful and bright young lady. She is kind hearted to her friends and even to new acquaintances. She loves to read and to learn, and has a very sharp imagination. She is a great example and leader for her younger siblings.

Our next child is Camille (3). She follows very closely in her older sister’s footprints. She wants to make the people around her happy. She can be reserved when she is in a new environment, but she opens up quickly and becomes very social once she is comfortable.

Our youngest child, Olivia (1), is self-sufficient beyond her youth. She is very quick to learn, and deciding what she does or does not like. She is very vocal about both. She is often very curious about her sisters but she can decide for herself when she wants to participate.

Our only son, Gabriel (would have been 4), passed away after only two days here on Earth. He was a handsome baby boy and a strong spirited fighter. A brain malformation prevented him from being here with us today, but his fighting spirit lives on in each of our family members.

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

In Closing

It has been a pleasure sharing our family with you and we will cherish the opportunity to grow our family even more. We have a lot to offer and a lot of love to give as parents, from our children as siblings, and support from extended family. We promise to love your child unconditionally through all of life’s ups and downs. We will teach your child about compassion, adventure, and joy. Most importantly we will honor your relationship with your child through open discussion and communication.

Thank you sincerely for considering joining our family, and we wish the best of luck to you and your child throughout this life no matter the outcome.