Hello, we are Jessica and Chris from Sanford, Florida!

We want you to know first and foremost that you are loved considerably by us for the process that you are in – deciding for the future of your unborn baby. We can’t imagine how hard your decision is but our prayer is that no matter who you choose that you are filled with peace and strength.

Along with our schnauzer, Coco, we are excited for the opportunity to start our family through this beautiful gift of adoption. Coco absolutely loves befriending everyone she meets and will be a great big sister.

Thank you for allowing us a few moments to share our story. We look forward to chatting more with you and are keeping you in our thoughts.

With love, Jessica and Chris

About Us

We met online the summer after Jessica graduated college, while he was working at Walt Disney World before he finished his college degree that winter. Our first date was park hopping to all four Disney parks, which is one of the many common interests we share besides our love of finding adventures beyond Disney; like going to the beach and spending time with family. Both of us grew up with younger siblings, and we are so excited to introduce our child to my youngest sister, Grace who was adopted from Russia. Another fun adventure that we love is celebrating the holiday season at Disney, and we cannot wait to share the magic with our child with all the festivities! There’s nothing quite like walking down Main Street USA as snow falls from the Floridian rooftops.

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Fun Facts etc.

    Chris and I absolutely love Disney and we cannot wait to share this with our child, but first, a few of our favorites!

  • Favorite Disney snack: Chris – Dole Whip, Jessica: Blueberry Mousse
  • Favorite Disney movie: Chris – Aladdin, Jessica: Moana
  • Favorite Disney attraction: Chris – Big Thunder Mountain, Jessica: Expedition Everest
  • Favorite Disney vacation: Chris – Disney Cruise line, Jessica: Disneyland in California

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

In Closing

Thank you so much for getting to know us. We want you to know most that your child will be loved greatly from day one by us and our families. Your child will be supported by us, encouraged to dream big always. It is our hope that they grow up to be the best version of themselves and we can’t wait to help them explore their interests, which could be very different than our own – we find that exciting. We recognize this significant process for you, we are so thankful that you are choosing life for your child and we are holding you in our hearts as you make these hard choices for your beautiful unborn baby.
With grateful hearts, Jessica and Chris