Hello! We are Faren and Savannah, and we’re so honored to “meet” you.

We wanted to start by saying “thank you” for taking the time to read our story. We know you have such an important, life-changing decision to make, and we cannot even begin to imagine the weight of it. While we are so eager to be mamas, we hope you know that, whatever choice you make, our greatest hope in this moment is for your heart to find peace and your mind to feel at ease. We suppose this is part of the “uniqueness” of the adoption journey: that we already feel such a deep love and connection for you, although we’ve never met. We long to encourage you, to acknowledge the difficulty of the decision you are making, and to come alongside you however we can. Maybe one day we will not only be friends, but family.

Even though you are only “meeting us” through pictures and words, we hope you will see we love without condition, and that this is a love we promise to share with you and your child if our lives should join together. We hope you might see yourself in these pages and that one day you might feel as much a part of our family as we hope to feel a part of yours. We’re sending whatever love we can to you right now.

About Us

WE MATCHED ONLINE AND SHARED AN INSTANT CONNECTION. Savannah was in Indianapolis at the time and Faren was in Birmingham. After a few weeks of talking and getting to know one another, we decided to meet in Chicago over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We kept our first date real romantic…with hotdogs from Portillos! We spent the rest of that night (and the rest of the weekend) walking around Chicago and enjoying the holiday festivities together. “I KNEW THAT FIRST WEEKEND WE MET THAT SAVANNAH WAS THE WOMAN I WOULD MARRY” (FAREN), but it took her a little bit longer to be sure. “Two years into our relationship, I realized how much Faren loved me and that her love was unconditional. It was then that I really allowed myself to picture a future together” (Savannah). In the end, we knew we had found another person who let us be completely ourselves and there was no one better to spend the rest of our lives with. FAREN PLANNED TO PROPOSE DURING A PHOTO-SHOOT, BUT WHEN THE RING CAME, THERE WAS NO HOPE OF KEEPING THE SECRET! That afternoon, as soon as Savannah walked in the door from work, Faren asked her to “teach me how to slow dance for my best friend’s wedding”, and proposed right then and there, while “Holy” by Florida Georgia Line played in the background. SAVANNAH SAID YES AND WE WERE MARRIED A YEAR LATER. Our brothers were our best men, and we danced the night away with all our family and friends. Our last dance was to “Holy” – just the two of us, together.

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Fun Facts etc.

Favorite Things: Traveling // Trying new restaurants // Spending time with my family and friends // Our dogs // Going to sporting events // Sunny days at the beach // Our church family // HGTV

Family Traditions: Shopping on Black Friday // Decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving // Giving each other new festive PJs on Christmas Eve // Enjoying a big holiday dinner with our family // Cooking out on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day // Going on vacation at least once each year

We cannot wait to experience life with a child and share all our favorite things with him or her. We look forward to experiencing all of their first with them especially their first steps, first day of school, and first sporting’s event.

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

In Closing

Friend, you already mean more to us than you know. And no matter what you decide, we hope you know how worthy, valuable, and “more than enough” you are. If we should be so lucky as to join you in loving this child for the rest of his or her life, we want you to know that we will forever be all in. We stand humbly before you and commit to these words…
• We promise to love, protect, and provide for your child all the days of their life.
• We promise our love will be unconditional. That we will show your child grace and treat them with respect as we stand by them and help them navigate life in every season.
• We promise to protect your child physically as well as emotionally by guarding their heart and mind, by talking to them and with them, and by listening intently to their needs.
• We promise to provide your child with a safe home that is filled with joy, acceptance, and laughter as well as a passionate pursuit of the Lord.
• We promise to take them on adventures, let them explore their interests, and support them in whatever walks of life that they choose.