Hello! It’s a pleasure to introduce ourselves. We are Chris and Julian.

We are very thankful you are considering us to be the adoptive parents of your baby.

We hope that as you learn about us that you will feel a small part of the love we want to share with your baby. We do not know what it is like to make the choices that you are having to make, but please know that we will provide a safe, supportive, and loving home for your baby to grow into the beautiful person that they are meant to be.

Our Story

We met like many modern couples, through social media.

Right away we felt a connection we both had never experienced before. Even early on, we realized we had many differences, but getting to know each other, we found out our differences balanced each other out. As our relationship continued to grow, we began speaking of our future. We both set our hearts on raising a child together early on. We have bonded while travelling overseas, by cooking together, and remodeling our house for our future family. As of this past January, we have been together for 4 years and have been married since November 2019. We feel our marriage is strong because we continue to encourage each other every day in all aspects of our lives.

Learn More About Us

Home Sweet Home

We have a home in Jacksonville, Florida, which is a few blocks from the St. Johns River and a short drive to the Atlantic Ocean.

We live in a small, gated community with families from a wide range of ethnicities. Our community recently built a family park where community events occur like family camping night. At our house, we enjoy having family and friends over for large meals, summer swimming, game nights, and movie nights in our theatre room. In the center of our house is a wall where we hang photos of our extended family. We enjoy living here because we are able to share our home with those we love. We are a short drive away from family and close friends. We love taking walks to St. John’s River to go fishing, watch manatees and dolphins and go boating with our neighbors.

Fun Facts About Us


  • NICKNAME: Jules
  • HOBBIES: Baking and biking
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Cancer


  • NICKNAME: Chris
  • HOBBIES: Kayaking and video games
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

Before you go…

We believe your baby is precious to you. We will do everything we can to keep your baby safe and happy.

We promise to listen to their wishes and desires, to guide and support them in finding their own successes, and work to help them overcome all obstacles they may face. We will share with you your baby’s life through the years because we feel it is important that you know that your baby is well, and we believe that it is also important for your baby to know who their birth parents are. We will encourage your baby to explore biological family relationships, because we believe that there is enough love in each of us to have multiple types of families. We hope that you would honor us with the privilege of providing your baby a loving home. As adoptive parents we are prepared for this precious and priceless gift of a child to raise. We will share our lives with them, and we will be patient and kind. We promise to give trust, hope, and to encourage their dreams. We will cherish him or her always.

Chris and Julian