Hi! We are Brittany, Korey and Reagan, and we live in St. Augustine, Florida.

Thank you so much for taking time to learn our story and get to know us! We are honored to be considered as a potential family to parent your child. We can’t imagine the emotions and stress that you are experiencing as you make this decision.

We hope as you review our profile you will see that we are a goofy family who loves adventure, the outdoors and traveling. We look forward to camping trips, exploring the world, family movie nights, and dance parties in the kitchen.

Our thoughts are with you as you review each family to find the perfect family that speaks to your heart.

With love,

Brittany, Korey and Reagan

Our Love Story

Our love story began in 2009 when we met through a mutual co-worker.  At that time, Korey worked three jobs just to get by and Brittany was attracted to his hard work, determination and humor. We became instant best friends and spent most of our free time hanging out and exploring the outdoors through hikes and walks on the beach.  Some of our favorite date nights when we were young were sharing a pot of Ramen noodles and a Key Lime Pie. As the years passed, our love has continued to grow as we have grown a beautiful life together. Our mutual love of the outdoors, traveling and adventure has grown as we explore and soak up the world around us. We now spend most of our free time outdoors playing in our beautiful backyard, cruising down the beach, finding hidden spots to hike, and camping under the stars.

OUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT OUR MARRIAGE IS THAT WE TRULY ARE BEST FRIENDS WHO CRACK JOKES AND ARE A GREAT TEAM. The birth of our daughter prematurely brought new challenges and further highlighted our love for each other and for the adventure of parenting. We are excited to continue growing our family with another child that we will love beyond measure.

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Our Home & Community

Our house is filled with fun and laughter.

We live in the beautiful, oldest city in America, St. Augustine Florida. We moved out here in 2013 when we built our first house.

Our decision to move to St. Augustine was heavily impacted by St. Johns county being the top rated district for schools. IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO US THAT OUR CHILDREN WOULD GROW UP AND RECEIVE A GREAT EDUCATION. We also wanted to ensure we stayed near the coast as we have a love for the water. Our Sundays during the summer are often spent at the beach making sand castles, fishing with family and soaking up the sun.

Our house is located on a quiet little cul-de-sac with a very large backyard. Although our yard is quite the beast to cut, we love that our children will have the freedom to have a place to run and play. We joke around that our backyard is our “favorite room in the house” as our porch is covered in beautiful plants and we love to sit by the fire in the evenings as a family. St. Augustine is such a fun city to live in, they always have cool festivals for us to attend on the weekends. Some of our favorite to attend are the Datil Pepper Festival, Ribs and Rhythms, and Nights of Lights during the holidays.

The FUN Stuff

We are a traveling family

We absolutely love a good adventure and we want to leave our children with the desire to seek adventure in their life.

We have enjoyed taking our daughter Reagan to see other areas across the US and look forward to more trips with our growing family.  We want them to enjoy the simple things in life, like exploring in the forest, playing outside until the sun goes down and bike rides to get a slushee at our nearby store.

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

Our Closing Thoughts

Thank you, again, for taking the time to get to know us. We know the sacrifice you’re making is tough and know that it takes true strength to go through what you’re going through.

We promise to love your child unconditionally and to show them compassion, support, and help cultivate a spirit of adventure and wonder for the world.


It’s hard to sum up our daily lives in sixteen short pages, but we hope that we captured that we both have big hearts and have so much love to give!

Thank you,
Brittany, Korey and Reagan