Family is the most important thing to us.

We love our family and friends very much. They are the most important thing to us. We would love to welcome another member into our circle. We have been very lucky to be surrounded by love and support and we understand that not everyone has what we have. We have both family and friends who are good, honest people that have our best interests at heart. Family is not only defined by blood, rather, by the choices we make to strengthen the bonds that are most important to us. You and your baby will be a part of that bond. We have always wanted children and would be forever grateful if you chose us to share in this miracle.

About Us

Hello! We are Ben and Lisa. We both grew up just outside of Washington, D.C. (in Maryland). We met in June 2000, when we were both working at the same Naval Base. We became friends then starting dating in October.
We were married in 2004. Two years after we were married, we moved to Virginia to be closer to Ben’s job. About three years ago, we moved to Alexandria, Virginia to be closer to family. Lisa’s sister had her second child in 2016 and we wanted to be a part of our nephews’ daily lives.

We like to travel all over the East Coast, looking for historical sites and eating regional food. When we are not travelling, we read books and watch movies. We enjoy books and movies of all types. Our dog especially loves it when we stay home and cuddle, which is the majority of the time.

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Fun Facts etc.

Ben’s favorite music is the Blues. His favorite historical site is Stratford Hall in Virginia. Ben’s favorite city is Charleston, S.C. and he loves to explore historical sites with Lisa. His favorite memory is listening to stories from his Grandfather.

Lisa loves to visit Panama City Beach, FL for vacation and play miniature golf with Ben. She loves seafood and football. Her favorite memory is spending holidays with her big, extended family.

  • Every Christmas Eve, Lisa’s family attends church together, shares a large meal, and exchanges gifts. Her father reads “The Night Before Christmas” to his grandsons.
  • Ben’s mom has done extensive genealogical research on their family. She has traced them all the way back to the 1600’s!
  • Every Christmas season, we spend a few days in Williamsburg, VA. We especially enjoy riding through the Christmas lights in Newport News, VA.
  • Ben’s Dad owns land in Florida that has been in their family since the 1840’s.
  • Every Easter, Lisa’s family holds an egg cracking contest. Everyone gets a dyed egg with their name on it. Then, we try to crack each others’ eggs. Whomever is left with no cracks is the “winner”.
  • Ben is very good at pumpkin carving and carves a few pumpkins for our nephews every Halloween.

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In Closing

Thank you for considering us for this blessing. There are a lot of families out there who want to adopt and the decision is overwhelming. We can’t tell you why you should pick us over them. We can only say that your child will be the greatest gift we will ever receive.