Hello, we are Amy, Steve and Max!

We are a fun small family of 3 hoping to grow our family in 2020. We are excited about this new journey and meeting you and your child. As a small child, God put adoption on Amy’s heart and when she shared it with Steve, he also felt the calling. We have so much love and life to share with a child. We want to share our love for travel, our sailboat, snuggling in front of the fire and giggling when playing hide and seek. We value a strong family unit, a strong moral compass and education. We can’t wait to share our love and values with both of our children.

About Us

Hi, Amy here! I want to introduce you to Steve and I. Steve & I have been married for 4 years. We love date night, live music and hanging out on our screen porch and watching the sun go down. We love playing pranks on each other (ok, I am the prankster)! Steve is the easy going one in our relationship….I worry about everything. We love to surprise each other with special gifts, unexpected date nights out and cards sitting on the nightstand.

“For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”
— Jeremiah 29:11

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Our Home

Our home is one full of lots of joy. We have one dog named Moki and two cats, Nahla & Molly. We live in a neighborhood that has a 2 mile walking path, swimming pool, tennis courts and a community playground. Our family traditions are spending Sunday evenings with grandparents, opening all our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve and getting up super early for stockings the following morning. We go to the beach a few times a year. We love Friday night family movie night. Our cousins live a few miles away so we get to play with them! We love sailing on our sailboat!

Fun Facts:

Steve has sailed to Cuba and Mexico! He won 3rd place in the race to Cuba.

Fun Facts:

Amy has ridden on a float in the Rose Bowl Parade.

Our sense of adventure is great and when we couple that with love, we believe anything is possible. Our greatest joy is being parents. We were both told we could never be parents and we believe we both our found our purpose when we became parents. We can’t wait to expand our family for the adventure of a lifetime!

A Letter to You

I wanted to start off this letter by saying, “Thank you for considering us in your adoption plan!” We can’t imagine all that you must be going through at this time, but we do know you have a great love for your baby. It’s that love — pure love — that is guiding you to make the best decision for your child. Keep in mind that, no matter what, you’re never alone. As we set out on this journey ourselves, we have made a daily habit of praying that you will feel totally at peace with all of your decisions and that your pregnancy progresses smoothly.

One of the things that unites us as a family is the belief that the people who come into our lives have a unique and powerful purpose in our destiny. These people become true members of our family, receiving the outpouring of our love and a permanent place in our hearts. And should we match with you, you’ll receive the same loving welcome.

We’ve had many conversations about the importance of family and close friends, especially when facing difficult times. Those struggles seem a little bit easier with others who care about you by your side. Please know that we will walk this road with you and be here for you through it all — the laughter, the joy, the pain, the concerns, and the victories. It will be hard for us too, since we won’t have the opportunity to physically hug and comfort you in person, when you need it the most; but, we’re only a phone call away.

The commitment to cherish and love your baby by making an adoption plan is the most unselfish and loving decision you could ever make. But we know it’s also incredibly painful, at times. But, we want and encourage you to maintain a relationship with your child. What a magnificent thing it will be for our entire family to have you involved in a significant way, so you can share in your baby’s milestones and progress. As the beautiful person who gave life to our adopted child, you will always have a place of comfort and love in our family circle.

We travel to Florida several times per year and if you are comfortable with seeing us, we would love to see you as well. Whatever your comfort level regarding a relationship, just let us know and we will meet you there, always respecting your boundaries. Just know that you will forever be part of our family and our life story. Our hearts will be joined with yours regardless of distance, regardless of circumstances.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and our desire to pour our love out for you and your baby. We’re excited to meet you and include you in the beautiful story of your child’s life as a part of our family. Our hearts are full and we are already welcoming you into our home.

Amy & Stephen

In Closing

We can’t imagine what you’re going through, but we have no doubt the love you have for your child is guiding you to make the best decision for your current situation. As we go through this journey ourselves, we pray daily that your heart will be at peace with all decisions made and that your pregnancy will progress smoothly. And finally, we lift our hearts in prayer that you feel loved and cherished by those you care most about. Our family believes in pouring our love and acceptance into the lives of those who cross our paths in life. And we will do the same for you should we match with you!

We can’t wait to meet you and include you in the beautiful journey of your child’s life in our family. We look forward to getting to know you, your child, and welcome him or her into our funny, loving home as our child and as a sibling for Max.