Hi, I’m Basheera from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my family. I am honored to be on this path with you. My family is praying for your strength and your family throughout this process. I can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you and applaud your courage and sacrifice. Please be assured that my heart is filled with hope and love. I cannot wait to welcome a child into my life through adoption.

About Me

I am single and have a great life filled with family, friends, and lots of love. My parents worked very hard to provide us with phenomenal educational opportunities and cultural awareness, but most importantly, grounded us with a deep faith in God. We proudly celebrate both our African American and Caribbean American cultures and traditions. We are a family that truly values togetherness, self-determination, and community.

I enjoy traveling, live music and theatre, dancing, good food, and being around my loved ones. I have family all over the country and enjoying visiting and staying connected to them. Whenever we are together you can feel the joy in the room and expect lots of big laughs. We encourage and support each other, and I cannot wait to share this same togetherness with your child. As a member of our family, they will forever be wrapped in warm arms of kindness, respect, and love.

Learn More About Me

Fun Facts etc.

Favorite Family Traditions

  • Prayers at Night and Grace with Meals
  • Sweet Potato Pies at Thanksgiving
  • Line Dancing and Soul Train Lines at Celebrations
  • Dying and Hunting for Easter Eggs
  • Matching Christmas Pajamas

5 Things I Will Teach Your Child

  • Trust in God
  • Follow Their Dreams
  • Respect and Be Kind to Others
  • Love Themselves
  • Work Hard

A Few of Our Favorite Snapshots….

In Closing

If chosen, please know your child will be raised in a loving, clean and safe home. I will provide the best education possible from early childhood through whatever career path they choose. There will never be a dull moment. There will be plenty of laughs, hugs, and support. God will be first and they will never doubt his love for them.

I strongly believe that we all are born with gifts, and I cannot wait to help your child find their gifts and talents. I will encourage them to be a citizen of the world and use their gifts to not only make their mark, but to help others. They will know from an early age that they have a purpose, and they have people around them dedicated to helping them achieve their dreams.

I promise your child:

  • Will know that they are valued.
  • Will understand they have purpose.
  • Will feel that they are supported.
  • Will encounter positive role models and trustful guidance.
  • Will show compassion and kindness to others.
  • Will be heard and celebrated.
  • Will have pride and know that we are resilient.
  • Will appreciate our history and have a sense of self.
  • Will realize that God is in control.
  • Will NEVER doubt that they are loved.